We Are Anchors

#Covid-19 Anchors

Everybody has in one way or another affected by this pandemic.

What more of child-headed homes? If you would bare thinking about it for 10 seconds, you are brave. Children and their families are starving. Help us reach them during the lockdown by donating to to the #Covid19Anchors Programme.

This initiative calls on all people able to support with a month’s food package for each child headed family in the townships and disadvantaged areas.

“These are my neighbours, my younger brothers and sisters. I have been in their shoes when there was no pandemic. It was tough, although sometimes we could go out and find work. Now? They cannot go out. All they have are their neighbours. It is for this reason I call upon my neighbours to help me restore some form of human dignity to help them live. They are only children.”

– says Sebelebele, founder of Anchors of Africa.

How can you help?

We have found that we could help a child headed family (average 4 children) with a food package of basic necessities that could last about a month of about R600. This is the bare minimum we were able to look at considering the preferential prices we got from producers/suppliers. As such, our request is for your contribution to feed at least one family. Our aim is to feed at least hundred families in the next two- three months.

To contribute please make all financial contributions to the following banking details:

BankAccount numberBranch codeAccount NameType
FNB 62829266289250655We are AnchorsCurrent

Please use your name & surname as your reference.

Please send proof of comtribution or email us your details so we can appreciate you as an Anchor.

Email: william@weareanchors.co.za